Understanding the Dangerous Substance that Causes Mesothelioma Cancer

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Tech4Cancer – What are the causes of mesothelioma cancer? This question is one of the questions that many people ask whenever they or one of their family members suffer from this condition. It is normal to ask this kind of question because we need to know the cause to cure a health issue. The causes will give us information about the best treatment or medicine that matches that causes. 

Moreover, the information about the cause also helps you to explain your condition to the doctor when you visit them. Thus, the doctor will also be able to diagnose your condition accurately and decide which treatment is perfect for that condition. With this combination, the chance or rate of recovery and achieving the best treatment result will increase significantly.

Now, let’s go back to Mesothelioma cancer. What causes this condition? In this article, we try to learn more about it. So, when you or your family has this condition, you know what you should do. Or, if you have not had this condition yet, you can prevent it from happening to you. 

The Causes of Mesothelioma Cancer

There is one known cause of Mesothelioma condition. It is asbestos exposure. Scientists still research this matter to find other factors that can cause mesothelioma. It includes other material that has a similar composition as asbestos. Some research also tries to find the connection between Mesothelioma cancers with the SV40 virus. However, they haven’t found it yet. Asbestos is still considered to be the main cause of Mesothelioma.

The asbestos particle that enters your body will affect your cell’s DNA. DNA is not only a string of substances that contain your body information. It also affects cell growth and how it lives. When your body is exposed to asbestos particles and it is accumulated, it will change the DNA. The change in the DNA will affect how the cell behaves. In some cases, the cell could mutate into a cell with a more dangerous trait, which can affect another healthy cell. When this condition occurs, Mesothelioma cancer will also appear.

How the Asbestos Affect Patient’s Body

Interestingly, the researchers have no idea how asbestos can cause cancer and Mesothelioma. The exposing process is quite a well-known process. In general, exposure happens because you breathe in or swallow the asbestos particle in air or food. The particle mostly comes from the actions that cause physical change on the object made of asbestos or with a high asbestos content level. 

The funny thing is even though the particle stays inside your body, lungs, or stomach for years, there is a chance that they can’t cause Mesothelioma cancer. In some patients, this condition only appears even after 40 years. However, the other patients also can get it with less than 5 years of exposure. Therefore, researchers try to find the condition that can start that mutation. If they could discover that part, we believe the treatment and medicine application for the patient will become more effective and easier to do.

Even though researchers haven’t discovered how it causes Mesothelioma cancer, they found some factors that can accelerate the occurrence of the cancer mutation. Here are some of them:

Personal history of the exposure

This part is maybe the standard factor that can cause Mesothelioma to occur. You may think there are many causes of mesothelioma cancer. But, mostly, it is only the asbestos exposure and how long you have been exposed to it. More exposure means that you have a higher risk of getting that cell mutation into cancer.

Exposure from Other people 

Cancer mostly is not contagious. However, when we talk about Mesothelioma cancer, there is a higher chance that you can get cancer because of other people. That other people mostly don’t affect your cell directly. In general, they bring the asbestos particles close to you. Therefore, you also have a chance to get asbestos exposure, which is the cause of Mesothelioma cancer.

Because of that, people that live with someone that works in an environment with high asbestos content levels most likely got Mesothelioma cancer. Of course, this condition could be prevented, if the people that work or in the environment with high asbestos levels always clean themselves before making contact with you.

Family history

If you have someone in your family that has Mesothelioma, there is also a high chance that you can get Mesothelioma as well. Mostly, it happens when your family from one generation before you suffered from Mesothelioma. The DNA structure that changed because of the Mesothelioma can be carried over to the next generation. Or, the DNA structure also will change easier, if you get asbestos exposure. You can still prevent it if you make preparations and consult your doctor about it. You will know what you should do later.

Radiation therapy

Another cause of Mesothelioma is radiation therapy. When you have cancer and receive this therapy for your chest area, there is also a high chance that it can accelerate the development of Mesothelioma cancer. It happens a lot when you are already exposed to asbestos. The asbestos particle that resides in your lungs will also accelerate the process. So, make sure you check your body before receiving radiation therapy.

How to Prevent Asbestos Exposure?

Now, you know the cause of Mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. So, to prevent this cancer to occur in your body, the person you love, and all your family members, you need to know how to prevent it. By preventing it, you can avoid the danger of this condition. Surprisingly, it is easy to do. 

Understand the danger of asbestos exposure

The first thing you should do is know that this substance is dangerous. Therefore, you should be aware that your activity where you make contact with asbestos could lead to this condition.

Follow the safety regulation

Follow the safety regulations when you work in an environment with high asbestos content. That will help you to prevent and lower the risk of Mesothelioma.

Take precaution when you return home

Make sure you clean yourself. Do not forget to wash the clothes you wear in an environment with a high asbestos level. It is not only preventing Mesothelioma for you but also for people around you.

Remove all asbestos material

The last thing you can do to prevent Mesothelioma because of asbestos exposure is removing the asbestos material from the place where you work or live. Fortunately, the modern house and latest building use less asbestos material. Therefore, asbestos exposure happens a lot to you who work in the field related to asbestos or asbestos mine.


In short, the answer to the very first question in this article is only one. The causes of Mesothelioma cancer are asbestos. However, this answer was discovered after a long and years of research. You may find more information in the future thanks to more advanced and developed medical technology. That will lead to the most effective medicine which can cure Mesothelioma and free people from this danger. For now, you only need to know the current causes of mesothelioma cancer. That will at least help you to avoid and prevent Mesothelioma cancer. 

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