10 Digital Marketing Trends Marketers Must Know

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The development of increasingly sophisticated and all digital technology in the era of Marketing 5.0 as it is today, of course, makes marketers have to pay attention to developing digital marketing trends.

It aims to find the most effective marketing strategy to increase business profits. 

Without knowing digital marketing trends, marketers will certainly find it difficult to conduct market research, determine target audiences, build relationships with consumers, and increase customer loyalty. 

Through the following article, we summarize 10 digital marketing trends in 2022 that you need to know:

10 Digital Marketing Trends

1. Chatbots are increasingly in 

demand Chatbots are automated chat features found on websites or instant messaging services, which can answer chats from customers using the help of robots. or virtual characters. Actually, chatbots themselves have been famous since the last few years. 

However, this unique feature is still one of the digital marketing trends favored by many companies. In fact, the use of this one marketing trend is increasing to 80%. 

This of course cannot be separated from the development of increasingly advanced technology, where consumers want a fast and instant response. 

Thus, the use of bots such as chatbots also inevitably becomes an inseparable part for companies to increase customer convenience and satisfaction. 

In addition, chatbots themselves are part of augmented marketing, namely a marketing strategy that is useful for increasing marketer productivity by utilizing marketing technology tools. 

Where later this technology can reduce the effort that marketers usually use to respond to customers manually. 

2.The Need for Visual Search Features Is Increasing

for visual search features is increasing. The next trend is the use of visual search features that are increasing. This is related to technological developments in the era of web 3.0 which makes it easier for humans to find items by uploading images to search engines.

Only by taking advantage of tools like Google Image, Google Lens, and Pinterest Lens, can you find out where the image is coming from, and other similar image recommendations on other platforms. 

This is of course an advantage for brands who want to optimize their digital marketing strategy by taking advantage of these visual search trends, to enable customers to buy the products they are looking for more easily. 

You should also make sure your products can be found this way. For example by optimizing alt text and others.

3. The rise of Voice Search

Not only visual search, apparently voice search has also experienced a significant increase. Launching from Business2Community, voice-based search will reach a target market of 40 billion US dollars by 2022.

This is of course in line with technological developments and the increasingly widespread use of NLP (Natural Learning Processing).

This technology does provide many conveniences for its users and is able to create a more effective customer experience. With a much better user experience, the potential for converting leads into customers will be even more wide open.

So, inevitably you have to think about suitable sound content as part of the marketing strategy that you implement. This strategy has already been carried out by Dominoz, which allows customers to order via voice from a smartphone without having to call customer contacts.

In addition, there are also other brands such as Nestle that create voice instructions feature when customers cook their products.

4. Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Every Aspect 

As we know, increasingly sophisticated technological developments from time to time certainly indirectly force companies to participate in adaptation and development.

Today, nearly 30 percent of business enterprises will use artificial intelligence and process automation in their business. The goal is of course to make business processes more effective and efficient.

Because, in addition to saving energy and time, you can also use AI in business processes to predict customer behavior and analyze customer sentiment effectively.

This will certainly provide a great opportunity for businesses to be able to determine the right type of marketing strategy, conduct business forecasts, formulate business plans and business development strategies in the future, to increase profits and revenues.

On the other hand, AI itself is not a new technology. However, in the coming years, this technology will be more and more used by people.

In fact, according to Bramework, 61% of marketers think that AI is the most important aspect of marketing strategy and increases productivity

5. Content Marketing Still Exists 

Content marketing remains a marketing trend that you should pursue this year. This is because Google continues to prioritize quality content to appear on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

One of the tips that you can apply to create quality marketing content is to create educational content.

Because, currently 86% of customers tend to prefer content that is useful, informative, and educational.

This can be a surefire way to increase website traffic while increasing conversion rates. In addition, you also have to keep optimizing content creation by using the right SEO structure.

This is so that customers can easily find your content on the search page when entering relevant keywords.

Digital Marketing Trends

6. Video Marketing Campaigns Are More Interesting The 

next digital marketing trend is the use of video-based marketing campaigns. This is because a survey shows that around 52% of customers decide to buy a product after viewing marketing video content. In fact, around 70% chose to share the video.

This certainly proves that the currently popular digital marketing campaign content is moving image content, where the forms of video content are increasingly diverse.

There are 360-degree videos, live videos (stories), short story videos, to videos that have used SEO to be easily detected by search engines. 

7. Optimize Mobile-First Marketing

You must be aware that smartphone users are increasing from year to year. In fact, Google notes that the majority of traffic on the internet today comes from smartphones.

This shows that mobile-first marketing is one of the digital marketing trends that you must pay attention to.

So when designing a website for marketing purposes, you also have to make sure the user experience (UX) is comfortable for smartphone users.

8. The rise of Hybrid Events 

We can’t deny that the pandemic has made almost all activities switch online and made everyone get used to living it. This is the reason why online event marketing is still in great demand.

Therefore, you must also be ready to provide hybrid or combined methods when holding event marketing. So, participants can freely choose to come in person or online. 

9. Shoppable Posts on Social Media 

The next digital marketing trend is related to the sophistication of social media features. One of them is the advantage of the Instagram Checkout feature.

This feature offers a service so that customers can see product prices and buy the goods they want directly, without having to buy them through a sales site.

There will be more and more brands using the shoppable post feature on social media to attract buyers who are active on social media. 

10. User Generated Content is Still Popular 

The last digital marketing trend is UGC (user generated content). This is content created by users, where they provide an honest review or review of the brand used.

Usually, users will mark the brand in question. So that the brand can find content from users and repost through their social media accounts. Apparently this digital marketing strategy still exists and is popular.

Of course, honest reviews from users can influence more than 90% of purchases. Because, this is related to the level of consumer confidence in the brand.

Where consumers tend to believe more in honest reviews from outside consumers who have no relationship with the brand (not marketing partnerships such as influencers or brand ambassadors). 

Thus is a review of 10 digital marketing trends that marketers must know to advance their business. 

By knowing this trend, marketers and companies can prepare themselves to face various changes in the marketing world by carrying out business planning and marketing strategies as well as possible.