The Best E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Online Business: Top 7 Picks

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The e-commerce industry has hugely shifted the way people shop in the past few years. The fact that people now tend to choose to stay at home and wait for their shopping items to be delivered to them also gives a bigger opportunity for online stores to gain more customers.

As traffic and conversions play an important role in online marketing, solely implementing a basic marketing tactic isn’t enough. Putting together an effective marketing strategy along with e-commerce tools is needed to generate repeat purchases. This page will break down thebest e-commerce digital marketing strategy to help you boost your brand and grow your online business.

#1. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of every online marketing strategy. Time and effort should be dedicated to making your products and brand show up on the highest ranking of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Once this goal is achieved, you can draw organic traffic and conversions to your business website. It will boost the popularity of your brand and generate more purchases.

Some things need to be done carefully and strategically to invest in SEO. To do this, you can conduct keyword research. Keep in mind that it should include keywords in your blog posts, product descriptions, and the URLs of your website page. The next thing to do is maximize the structure of your website. 

This will help you to create a good user experience for your customers. Then, make sure that you also build backlinks from other reputable websites that relate to your products. If you conduct these strategies well, the chances your brand pops up in search terms related to your products are also bigger.

#2. High Quality and Unique Content

If you need a cost-effective but powerful method to lead generation, creating high-quality and unique content will be gold. This is possible to happen since the number one purpose of using content in an online marketing tactic is to educate potential customers about your products. In this way, your goal to generate brand awareness can be achieved successfully.

In other words, creating content is aimed to draw attention to your products. A meaningful relationship can be gained once you give your audience something valuable through the content. It will also result in increased traffic and conversions to your website.

Due to the importance of the content, make sure that you provide useful guides to your customers through it. This will also be very helpful if you have a Q&A section on your page. That will make your customers feel that they are important and willing to build a stronger relationship with your brand. As a result, more conversions and higher lead generations can be achieved successfully.

#3. Website Optimization

You need to keep in mind that a website is an online home for an e-commerce business. This is not only the place for your clients to purchase items but also to have a good experience that keeps them coming back. In this way, make sure that you optimize your business website. 

An optimized website should have things like an easy-to-read language, an intuitive layout, and simple navigation. Not only that but your website should also come with a wide range of design elements to allow a clear call to action. It should be designed in certain ways to make it easy for your clients to find any information and product they need. Also, make sure that the content created can reach the right target audience at the right time. 

If needed, you can also create landing pages on your website. You can also keep the product pages on the website clutter-free. For this purpose, you can put a contact page where your clients can figure out all information needed about your product and brand easily. When done right, you can create a sustainable relationship with your audiences.

There will be a large type of content that you can create. It can be videos, blog posts, infographics, newsletters, and more. In doing this, it is important to follow the 80/20 rule. This is where 80% of the content created is focused on being informative. Meanwhile, the remaining 20% of the content is filled with promotion of your e-commerce business and website.

#4. Mobile Optimization

Catering to all kinds of consumers is important for an e-commerce business. As today, people tend to rely on their mobile devices for almost every aspect of their lives, creating a mobile-friendly ecommerce experience will be a great strategy to take. Make sure that you optimize the e-commerce website of your business for mobile devices.

This will help you boost your opportunity to encourage your target audience to purchase your products. For this reason, you need to offer the best experience that your customers can get, no matter what mobile device they utilize. By doing this, you can easily persuade them to buy products from your online store. Then, go further with good mobile marketing techniques. These include geo-targeting to engage with mobile users living in specific geographic areas.

#5. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) refers to a three-fold campaign that involves promotions, ads, and landing pages in online marketing. When using this marketing strategy, the ads involved should come with an enticing offer. It is aimed to persuade the target audience to get into the specific landing page to find more information about your products and services. When done correctly, it can be another best e-commerce digital marketing strategy for your online business. 

#6. Use Personalized Emails

A report by Statista shows that 49% of users like to get promotional emails on a weekly basis from their favorite retail brands. It just proves that email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that e-commerce businesses can use to reach their target audiences. The report further says that most customers would enjoy reading fresh content they get from promotional emails. They also prefer to get the latest information about sales, discounts, and special offers through personalized emails from retail brands.

To create email marketing for your online business, you can start by building an email list. Then, you can determine the types of content you would like to deliver to your customers. Make sure that you also incorporate personalization in the process. Using automation and analyzing the results should also be included in email marketing. 

To optimize the results of the marketing campaign, you can combine visual and written content. To generate higher traffic to your online business website, nurturing your marketing list will also be very helpful. If this strategy is executed correctly, chances to close more deals and increase business profit are bigger.

#7. Optimize Your Social Media Platforms

You must have realized by now that social media is the core of online marketing strategy. It is due to the fact that people use social media on a daily basis. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook even now let people target specific audiences. Not only that but these online channels also allow e-commerce businesses to link to specific pages on their websites.

It means that you can reach your targeted audience in your online stores simply by using the right e-commerce marketing strategy through your social media platforms. In this way, make sure that you use the power of your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to engage with potential customers. This for sure will generate more conversions and traffic to your website almost for free.